All of the stated policies below may or may not be enforced by the independent professionals who rent commercial space from Fringe & Fern to conduct their own business. Consult with your professional with any questions before any services or sales are conducted:

Health & Illness policy.


- All must wear a mask and have a temperature check before your service. If you don’t have a disposable one to use that day we will provide one for you.


- All must maintain social distancing when possible during your visit.


- Please wait in your car if possible for your appointment. Waiting in the salon will not be allowed. Please call us and say who your appointment is with when you arrive or text your professional directly when you arrive. Arrive early and please have patience with us. 


 - Please sanitize you’re hands when you enter the shop.


- Know that after every appointment we are required to not only clean our tools as usual but we must also clean the entire station area. Please know we will do our best to stay clean to keep everyone healthy.


- If you’re sick please do not come. Each professional has their own cancellation/no-show policy. Please work with your professional and communicate. If someone tests positive for a virus we may have to shut down the entire shop for and nobody wants that- please be courteous and communicate.


- No extra items are allowed. Leave extra items at home or in your car. (Food, laptops, jackets, bags, purses, etc.) Just bring in your phone and wallet if possible.


- Do not bring anyone with you to your appointment to loiter inside. They will not be allowed to hang out inside if you do bring them. That includes significant others, children, and babies.


These rules will be updated or changed as needed as time goes along.



24 hour cancellation and no-show policy.


The independent professional has a right enforce this policy. To avoid a possible 50% cancellation fee or the 100% no-show fee, action must be taken in advance at least 24 hours or more before the customers appointment time.


If the professional cancels or no-shows on the customer within 24 hours they may choose compensate the customer for the same values in services or retail. 

Booking and shopping rules and fees policy.


If a certain amount of time has passed within the appointment and the service has not begun, the professional may not be able to achieve your desired outcome by the end of one's reservation. Customers must arrive on time or a 24 hour cancellation or no-show policy can be enforced due to tardiness.


Every professional also has the right to refuse service and enforce their own policies. Appointments can be managed with a Vagaro account online but manual appointment or shopping management may cost $3.00 per adjustment per appointment or invoice.

If a customer is unhappy with the result of the outcome, they must communicate that with their independent professional directly and immediately and must be done so before payment not after.

Refunds for services policy.


The desire to request refund can be avoided by booking enough time to attempt the desired look or by achieving the look over a multitude of reservations. All consultations decide where the professionals artistry will go within the boundaries of the customers wishes by spoken word. The outcome is the interpretation of those spoken words. A consultation may be recorded if the customer consents. An independent professional has the right to refuse requested refunds. A customer pays for a professionals time with the artistic trade of barbering and cosmetology and once that time is paid for the independent professional has the right to deny a request for a refund.

Any prior service(s) conducted may hinder the desired outcome with any coloring services.

Retail policy.

All retail purchases are final sale. Returns for all sold items are not available at this time.