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A S  A  H A I R  salon and micro-nursery, we are a collective of independent professional hair experts and artists along with our botanical expert who carries an inventory of exclusive varieties of unique plant species with easy-to-care-for indoor instructions. We also provide planters that fit your needs and decor. We want our shop to be where hairstyle meets lifestyle for us and our clients!

T H I S  F A M I L Y  B U S I N E S S  has varying hours of operation. Use mapping and reviewing tools to seeing current hours of operation. Find hours of operation & our address with the links below:


O U R  S H O P  I S  located next to George's Giant Hamburger and Pacific Bay Coffee on the corner of South Main Street and Newell Avenue in Walnut Creek across the street from the south entrance of Broadway Plaza. We only take card for retail. We don’t provide change. Ask your independent professional how they accept payments in advance. We look forward to helping you with a new hairstyle or some new indoor plants to decorate and bring life to your space at home or office.

Please follow our parking signs- if your appointment is over 1 hour in duration OR if the lot is full please park on the metered street or the free garage across the street and slightly east. Only the first 3 hours are free.

1489 Newell Ave. Walnut Creek CA 945496


Our Story

In November 2019, husband and wife team Blaine and Shelbie found a way to merge their passions into one new concept: Fringe & Fern - Lafayette’s new local hair salon and indoor plant supply combination, the only of it's kind in the Bay Area. In Walnut Creek since 2021.

We love what we do and we are always growing (pun intended) because we continue to improve and expand what we offer the public based on our continuous education within the hair and horticulture industries. 

Our team of professionals enhance our space with their own amazing work and the amount of plants in our space just keeps on increasing- we can’t wait for you to see it yourself!

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