what each hair professional offers:


Keshawn - She specializes in curly and coil hair textures, balayage coloring, keratin smoothing treatments & bridal hair & makeup. She also offers haircuts & blowouts for men & women.


Kyle - He specializes in men's grooming, balayage color, & creative cuts for men & women. He also offers creative & natural looking coloring.

Kate - She specializes in all coloring including color correcting & offers haircuts for men & women alongside hair extensions.

Daniel - He specializes in creative cuts & colors, smoothing treatments, & precision haircuts. He offers his services to men & women.

Blaine - He specializes in men's grooming & coloring. He also offers smoothing treatments, tape extensions, bleach outs & balayage, weekend blowouts, & deep treatments. He offers all of his services to men & women.