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PARKING: Please follow signs in lot.

Appointment 1hr+ or a full lot?

Use meters or garage across street.




Blaine - He focuses on shorter haircut styles for men & women like clipper cuts & pixies.

He also offers curly haircuts, all other haircut styles, keratins, natural looking color like balayage & lived in color,

& long hair with straight to curly texture. Professionally experienced since 2007.

Haircuts range from $48 to $200.

- Colors range from $70 to $600.


Daniel - He focuses on precision salon haircuts & has almost 20 years of experience of doing hair.

- Haircuts start at $108.

Kyle - He specializes in men's grooming, natural balayage, & haircuts for all. Over 1 decade of experience.

- Haircuts range from $60 to $90.

- Color prices vary.


Sarah - She specializes in extensions, traditional & natural looking coloring & haircuts for women. Has over 2 decades of experience.

- Haircuts start at $95.

- Color prices vary.

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