We want you to experience something cool when choosing Fringe + Fern Salon & Plant Collective: that your hair style and/or plant style are cohesive and manageable with your life style. So, what does that mean?


We have extensive experience with indoor plant care and we want to help you find a unique plant and planter that fits your aesthetic. It’s our aim to teach you how to care for your plant while providing the environment it needs to thrive.


One of our professional hair experts would be happy to tailor a hairstyle and a hair care regimen just for you. Our goal is to help you find a hairstyle that fits your lifestyle. We have the tools, products, and knowledge to make that possible.

In 2020, husband and wife team Blaine and Shelbie found a way to merge their passions into one new concept: Fringe & Fern - Lafayette’s new local hair salon and indoor plant supply combination, the only of it's kind in the Bay Area. 


We love what we do and we are always growing (pun intended) because we continue to improve and expand what we offer the public based on our continuous education within the hair and horticulture industries. 


Our team of professionals enhance our space with their own amazing work and the amount of plants in our space just keeps on increasing- we can’t wait for you to see it yourself!