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     We are looking for more barbers & stylists! We have a Collective independent professionals who are friendly, talented, passionate, and down to earth. All are expected to act like professionals, yet to also march to the beat of their own drums. Be independent, run your own business, and be a respectful salon roommate. 

     We strive to hold each other accountable with respect because we believe as a collective practicing humility will always promote healthy growth. Speaking of growth, not only do we strive to constantly improve what we do as professional hair experts, we help each other prosper by supporting each other and by inspiring each other.

     But here’s the main thing- we all love what we do and where we do it and we want you to love what you do and where you do it too. Who knows...this place may be the right place for you!


     Please call us or text us to set up a meeting. Let's have you come see the space in person and chat over things with a cup of coffee or a beer soon if you're into that.

Yours in style, Blaine & Shelbie



Independent contractors with a valid California cosmetology or barbers license and at least a partial clientele for full time or part time booth rental.

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