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Hey there! Thank you for being an adventurous soul. We are always looking for open minded individuals who are ready to experience creativity from one of our professionals. You’ll be photographed and posted online and you’ll have a brand new style- but it won’t cost you a thing besides your time. This isn’t for those who want to do “the usual” thing with their hair. Whether it’s wild or exotic or straight up gorgeous or’s typically not going to be your usual style. Get ready to have some fun!!

Please email us and include the following information:

• One picture of the front of your hair

• One picture of the back of your hair

• Your Instagram handle

• A list of your hair history chemically speaking the past 2 years (Coloring, lightening, smoothing treatments, etc. or none) 

• Your general availability to come into the salon to be a hair model

• A brief list of styles you’re NOT willing to receive

• List whether you are interested in one or more of the following: Colors, cuts, a wash & blow-dry style, or all of the above

• An understanding that being a hair model is accepting the liberties of the professional behind the chair and that being a hair model is not requesting a certain style in expectation as if it was a paid in full hair service

Please contact us with these 8 requirements in order to process our availability.

Thank you for applying!

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